Em Destaque // Yarn Highlight: Mondim

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Esta semana destacamos alguns projetos de todo o mundo com o fio Mondim, o nosso fio 100% lã portuguesa para meias! // This week we're highlighting projects from all around the world in our very own 100% portuguese, non-superwash, wool sock yarn.



Modelo // Pattern: Zweig — Caitlin Hunter



Modelo // Pattern: Sunset Highway — Caitlin Hunter




Another pair of socks finished. The pattern is #norsesocks designed by General Hogbuffer in the #amirisu socks pattern book. Yarn is #mondimyarn of #retrosariarosapomar. By using a thinner needle have made a perfect fit on the left side. As you see, it's a little bigger on the right. できました!針の号数下げたら、踵のたるみ問題は解消し、ぴったりフィットするようになりました。左右のサイズ差は僅か数ミリです(3枚目)。 糸の染めムラがあって、左右差が激しいですが、かわいいので履きます!8月はこれしか編めなかったけど、楽しかったので、大満足。糸はピンクが50g、白が70g残ったので、もう一足編めます。 #ravelryの人気パターンで編む靴下の本 #knittersofinstagram #手編み靴下部

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Modelo // Pattern: Norse — General Hogbuffer



Modelo // Pattern: Meias da Tia Barborita — Rosa Pomar (disponível em kit // available as a kit)



Modelo // Pattern: Fergus' Socks — Anna Friberg


Não se esqueçam de partilhar os vossos projetos feitos com Mondim no nosso grupo do Ravelry, e também nas redes sociais com as hashtags #retrosariarosapomar e #retrosariamondim para serem partilhados no blog da Retrosaria! 

Don't forget to share your projects in Mondim in our Ravelry group, and on social media with the hashtags #retrosariarosapomar and #retrosariamondim to be featured on Retrosaria's blog!

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