Wool Journey: Shetland

By Pom Pom

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Um livro de tricot que é também um guia de viagem às ilhas Shetland. Malila Mae, Stephen West e Ysolda Teague, em conjunto com Jaime e Amber da Fancy Tiger Crafts, guiam-nos através das ilhas e apresentam cinco modelos originais de acessórios.


Take a trip to Shetland this summer with the latest Pom Pom Press offering, Wool Journey: Shetland.
We’re proud to present this adventure by Jaime and Amber of Fancy Tiger Crafts, Malia Mae Joseph and Stephen West of Stephen & Penelope. Along with Ysolda Teague this group of yarn loving, knitting-aficionado friends took a trip to Shetland, and brought back a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.
Out of this woolly adventure came a beautiful book that explores the knitting community and culture from the Shetland Islands. It’s part travel guide, part travel book, and of course features 5 patterns inspired by and knit in Shetland yarns.
Printed in London // 100% FSC certified uncoated paper // softcover // 68 pages

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