Entrée to Entrelac

By Xrx

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Livro de tricot com projectos construídos através da técnica vulgarmente conhecida como entrelac, da autoria de Gwen Bortner. Inclui modelos para homem, mulher e criança e alguns acessórios, bem como ilustrações pormenorizadas sobre esta técnica.

Editado em 2010. 160 páginas. Em Inglês.

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Simple strategies that demystify a striking knitting technique.
Revisiting a forgotten technique, this resource guides knitters through the steps, skills, and concepts necessary for mastering entrelac stitching. Though this way of knitting may intimidate beginning crafters, this reference explains the simply ways to build an understanding of the basics, how to master advanced techniques, and even combine entrelac with other knitting methods. Projects include scarves, bags, mittens, slipper socks, hats, and other garments, all worked in a wide range of yarn types.
All knitters will gain a deeper understanding of entrelac whether they are new to the technique or familiar with the basics Focuses on technique combined with practical applications, providing the knitter with not only the how but also the why Readers will be given insight into the design process of inspiration, practical implementation, and creative problem solving Entrelac only requires the most basic of knitting skills and can be enjoyed by knitters of all levels.

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