Making Dress with Patterns | パターンが決めての服作り

By Bunka

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Livro de figurinos japoneses para mulher (4 tamanhos) com modelos de execução simples, da autoria de Aoi Koda. O livro contém fotografias, diagramas de instruções e moldes à escala real.

Editado em 2011. 80 páginas + moldes. Em Japonês.

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The pattern of Koda's is intended to make the silhouette to look more slender, and to change the width in a subtle way. The insruction is developed from the voice of the popular sewing class, so that everyone can try. and The second edition to give you the enjoyment of sewing. With real size of 7, 9, 11, 13 in Japanese size. 


80 pages + pull-out pattern section.

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