Quoi? Quoi? Daily Sewing Book 2 - Daily Dresses

By Bunka

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Livro de figurinos japoneses de vestuário de mulher (3 tamanhos). O livro contém fotografias, diagramas de instruções e moldes à escala real. inclui 24 projectos de vestidos, blusas e casacos.

Editado em 2011. 80 páginas + moldes. Em Japonês.
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Publisher's description: Nice dresses and the jackets and ponchos that will suit them are introduced. The designs varies from basic ones to girlish ones in feeling like being more fashionable. You can surely find the clothes that you like to try.  With real size patterns of 7, 9, 11 in Japanese size.

80 pages + pull-out pattern section. In Japanese.


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