Agulhas de tricot KnitPro Symfonie Wood

Agulhas de tricot KnitPro Symfonie Wood

By KnitPro

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Agulhas de tricot em bétula laminada, de toque muito suave. 35cm de comprimento. Permitem tricotar à espanhola, com uma das agulhas presa debaixo do braço ou pousada sobre o antebraço.


Long knitting needles by KnitPro.

Extremely Attractive Colour Combination/Pattern
Unmatched Strength – not available in any other wooden needle
Sharp, Gradually Tapered Points
Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong & durable
Lustrous Wood Surface designed to provide more grasp to easily cope with slick yarns like angora and mohair
A knitters best companion – smooth surface allows for hours of convenient knitting and the Symfonie wood provides that much–needed warmth to hands

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