Crochet Cuties - motifs and patterns | かぎ針で編む かわいい編みもの

By Nihon Vogue

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Peças delicadas em crochet, para vestir e para a casa: xailes, golas, ponchos, malas, abafador para bule e outros acessórios. Instruções detalhadas com ilustrações e fotografias.


Editado em 2014. Hiromi Endo. 88 páginas. Em Japonês.

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From the publisher: The crochet collection by Hiromi ENDO, whose simple and cute artworks are very popular. Includes projects that are cute, girly but also suitable for adults. Contains lots of motifs, stitch patterns, and various other items. Mainly presents garments such as shawls, snoods, capes, tunics, and bags, also small projects like accessories, doilies, pincushions and crochet hook cases.

Published in 2014. 88 pages. In japanese.

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