Junior Colour Knits

By Quail Publishing

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Como complemento ao seu novo livro Tricot Simples com Cor, Erika Knight apresenta uma colecção de modelos para bebé e criança (dos 3 meses aos 5 anos). Peças práticas e de execução simples, como camisolas, casacos, passa-montanhas, leggings, etc.

Editado em 2015. 84 páginas. Em Inglês.

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Junior Colour Knits is a pattern book of 12 jumpers, jackets, pinafores and vests, hats and leggings and even a little ‘scrap bandit’ toy, all knitted in simple stitches and using colour techniques including striping, stranding and Swiss embroidery.

The process of putting this book together has been very hands-on and hand-made combining digital media with real drawings and cut and paste, providing a ‘sneak-peek’ into the creative process and the very personal journey of making a garment for a loved little one. This book is all about having fun with your knitting, inspiring you to be confident with colour and create projects that kids will want to wear again and again.

Made and photographed by Mums and Dads and worn by real kids from our extended urban family to inspire you to re-knit, re-colour and re-work these fresh, contemporary classics for the next hand-me down generation.

Junior Colour Knits. A colourful collection of hand knit designs for cool kids from 3 months to 5 years. Published in 2015. 84 pages.


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