Knit to flatter

By Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc.

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Um livro de tricot para mulheres com corpos reais. Como escolher as formas e motivos que mais favorecem um determinado tipo de corpo? Muitos conselhos e 21 modelos para experimentar.

Publicado em 2013. 160 páginas. Em Inglês.


Amy Herzog's primary focus in writing this book is to teach knitters how to assess their own body shapes: top heavy, bottom heavy or proportional and then knit accordingly. The concept for the book began as a series of blog posts. Fans of the blog encouraged Amy to continue fleshing out this concept, so she went on to create ten tutorials that give knitters the tools and techniques they need to create flattering garments. And now she has combined her tutorials with more than 20 new patterns and turned it all into a book. In Knit to Flatter, Herzog provides guidelines for silhouettes and styles that work with each body shape along with three or four sweater patterns per shape category. She then provides patterns for 10 additional sweaters and guidelines for customising each one of them to flatter each body shape. Each pattern is written in up to ten sizes, and garments are photographed on models with a variety of body shapes to keep the whole presentation real. No smoke and mirrors here. Just real beauty!

Published in 2013. 160 pages.

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