Marlisle. A new direction in knitting

By Anna Maltz


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Depois de Penguin, publicado em 2015, Anna Maltz regressa com Marlisle. A new direction in knitting. Marlisle é uma técnica desenvolvida pela autora em que dois fios são alternadamente trabalhados juntos e separados, criando toda uma gama de possibilidades. Trata-se sem dúvida de um dos mais interessantes livros de tricot publicados nos últimos anos, não só pela técnica inovadora como pelos onze modelos apresentados e ainda por todo o conceito do livro no que diz respeito aos materiais usados.

O modelo de camisola Trembling foi desenhado para o nosso fio Mé-mé 20 na cor 2.

Anna Maltz, Marlisle. A new direction in knitting.
Publicado em 2018, 160 páginas. Em inglês.


Somewhere within the tightly bound belief that everything has been done before, a little finger hole of wiggle room can be found to tease out a loose end and twist a different tale. Marlisle is a simple, yet novel approach to stranded knitting, where two colours magically become three by using yarn held double. Anna Maltz has designed 11 contemporary and wearable circular knits to introduce this technique to adventurous knitters of all levels. Spanning fingerless mitts, mittens, cowls, hats, a scarf, shawl, cardigan and sweaters, these cosy projects deftly show how Marlisle can be used to combine different weight yarns, create scattered motifs and mask jogs in unexpected ways. The results are strikingly graphic, textured, inspiring and intriguing. A design origin story and yarn pairing notes sets the scene for each pattern. All the projects are knitted in a combination of a natural, sheepy shade and a hand-dyed yarn from 22 different, passionate small-producers from around the world. Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting is a beautiful, 160 page, full-colour, litho-printed book packed with photographs, schematics, knowledge, anecdotes and opinion to get you started on your Marlisle adventure. Whether you are accomplished or just starting to gain confidence, this book embraces the joy that, in knitting, there is always something new to learn and try – and it can be surprisingly simple! Marlisle lets you reevaluate rules, your yarn and what you thought were the limits of knitting.
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Anna Maltz, Marlisle. A new direction in knitting
Published in 2018, 160 pages.

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