More Modern Top-Down Knitting

By Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc.

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Construir as peças de tricot começando pelo topo é uma técnica extremamente versátil e que conhece uma popularidade crescente por poupar acabamentos e costuras. Neste livro apresentam-se 24 peças para mulher construídas a partir do topo - casacos, camisolas, capas, saias, calças, etc. - com design invulgarmente apelativo.

Kristina McGowan, More Modern Top-Down Knitting - 24 Garments Based on Barbara G. Walker's 12 Top-Down Templates. 
Editado em 2013. 160 páginas. Em inglês.

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Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top, originally, published in 1982, is a treasure trove of inspiration about the technique of knitting garments from the top down (for example, knitting a pullover from the neck down to the hem or a hat from the crown down to the brim). In 2010, STC Craft published Kristina McGowan's successful Modern Top-Down Knitting, a collection of fashion-conscious top-down designs inspired by Walker's book. Not only did knitters love the technique, which allows for easy, try-on-as-you-go custom-fitting, but they also applauded McGowan's modern sense of style. For More Modern Top-Down Knitting, McGowan has dug even deeper into Walker's iconic work--this time challenging herself to design two garments each based on all 12 of Walker's basic top-town templates. The results come together to form a fresh, stylish wardrobe, everything from jumpers and dresses to capes, skirts, hats and even trousers and shorts.

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