Sewing with waterproof materials | 水をはじくナイロン・ビニール・ラミネート 撥水素材でソーイング

By Nihon Vogue

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Um livro de costura dedicado a projectos realizados com tecidos impermeáveis. Chapéus, sacos e mochilas, capas, individuais, etc. Inclui instruções detalhadas em fotografia e ilustrações e moldes à escala real.

Heart Warming Life Series. Nihon Vogue. Yoshiko Mizuno. NV80408
Publicado em 2014. 72 páginas + moldes. Em japonês.


Nowadays the waterproof materials such as nylon, vinyl and laminated fabrics are often used in other than rainy seasons. Offers about 30 projects including picnic sheets, rucksacks, umbrella cases, bags and hats. Contains detailed instructions on the characteristics of the materials, in addition to how to sew them.

Published in 2014. 72 pages + pull-out patterns. In Japanese
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