Shibata Jun’s Daily Knit & Crochet A to Z | 毎日あみもの

By Nihon Vogue

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Neste seu primeiro livro a título individual, Jun Shibata (uma conhecida designer japonesa de malhas) apresenta uma colecção de 30 modelos para mulher em tricot e crochet que têm como denominador comum técnicas invulgares de construção. Inclui camisolas, casacos, coletes e diversos acessórios.

Jun Shibata. NV70278

Editado em 2014. 104 páginas. Em Japonês.

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From the publisher: This title is the first book by Jun SHIBATA as a solo author, and you can thoroughly enjoy her fascinating collection. With 25 years experience as a knit designer, who is popular in magazine “Keito Dama”, her garments, knitted by unusual methods, have been noted for making you look fabulous in them. Anything-but-ordinary style of knitting attracts a lot of fans. Also known as one of the advocators of sweaters without seaming sleeves, garments by working even. Includes 30 projects in total, from standard items to new works.


Published in 2014. 104 pages. In japanese.

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