The Artisan by Helga Isager

By Isager

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Um belíssimo livro de tricot da autoria de Helga Isager. Inclui 10 modelos delicados e femininos para realizar com os fios da marca da autora.

Nota: os modelos de Helga Isager são normalmente realizados com dois fios diferentes trabalhados ao mesmo tempo. Para complementar o leque de fios a usar nestes modelos, recomendamos os fios da colecção A Retrosaria apresenta e também o nosso Mé-mé 20 e linho fiado à mão. 

Editado em 2017. 80 páginas. Em Inglês.

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The inspiration for the patterns derive from garments and crafts from around the turn of the 19th century, before the industrialisation and mass production really began to make inroads in Europe. The book contains very light, tight fitting blouses in lace patterns, but also more spacious models with jackets and sweaters in thicker tweed yarns. The collection is kept in natural colours ranging from ivory to black-brown and all the pieces are knitted in Isager yarns.

The booklet has 80 pages and contains 10 patterns for women.

The Artisan by Helga Isager. Published in 2017. 80 pages. In english.

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