The Knitting Answer Book

By Storey Publishing

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Um excelente livro de referência recheado de bons conselhos. Indicado tanto para iniciantes como para pessoas com bastante prática.

Margaret Radcliffe, The Knitting Answer Book - Solutions to every problem you'll ever face - Answers to every question you'll ever ask
Publicado em 2016. 432 páginas. Em Inglês.

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Reflecting new techniques and changes in the world of knitting in the last ten years, the new edition of The Knitting Answer Book is bigger and better than ever.
The knitting world has evolved in the last decade with new tools and needles developed; new techniques, such
as knitting in the round with two circular needles, gaining popularity; and the internet rising as a central figure in
the knitting community. This revised and updated edition of the best-selling The Knitting Answer Book covers all of these improvements and addresses the new questions knitters have asked author Margaret Radcliffe as she travels teaching classes and workshops. These includes questions like 'Is there some way to make my cast on match my bind off?' or 'What is Magic Loop and when would I use it?' Its still the best reference for knitters of all levels and the one book theyll want to have with them whenever they have a knitting question.

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