The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs

By Storey Publishing

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Livro de técnicas de fiação, com sugestões para a incorporação de diferentes materiais, técnicas de tintura, etc. Em Inglês.

Sarah Anderson, The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs - Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns.
Publicado em 2012. 256 páginas.


Want to learn how to spin the cool, funky art yarns that you find in knitting boutiques (at boutique prices) or make your fiber art project unique? This is the book for you!
Looking for ways to jazz up your handspun? Want to create yarns as individual as you are, that express your artistic vision, but are still useful? Get Spun teaches spinners to create art yarns with structure. By combining traditional skills, unconventional techniques, and an unlimited range of fiber possibilities, readers can not only create the yarn of their dreams, they can make it strong enough to last.
You will learn: Art-yarn spinning fundamentals and techniques with clear step-by-step photographs Techniques for wool, silk, and beyond, including nontraditional materials (fabric, plastic bags, silk cocoons), glitz, sari silk, and add-ins Instructions for dyeing and blending fiber and yarn.

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