Tie & Dye

By Search Press

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Um livro muito atractivo e bem conseguido sobre a técnica de tingimento conhecida como shibori ou tie and dye. Quinze projectos de execução simples, num livro indicado tanto para adultos como para jovens com espírito criativo.

Lizzie King. Tie & Dye. Colourful clothing, gifts and accessories.
Editado em 2017. 112 páginas. Em Inglês.


Transform your home and wardrobe with this fresh and modern take on tie-dye.
Tie-dye has shaken off its hippie image to become a stylish and iconic look, bringing bright colours, striking patterns and heaps of character to all kinds of clothing and textiles. One of the oldest dyeing techniques, it is also one of the simplest: just a few basic steps produce brilliant and memorable results, with no two pieces exactly alike. This book shows how easy it is to hand-dye your own items at home, with 15 fashion-forward projects, from statement T-shirts, dip-dye shoe-laces and cosmic babygros, to sophisticated shibori tea towels, tropical bunting and retro woven plant hangers.
Clear step-by-step instructions and fun, colourful photography demonstrate how to tie, fold, stitch or clamp your fabric for a range of different effects, such as stripes, swirls, fish scales, grid-lines or even rainbows. Then dye, rinse, untie, dry and iron ready for the big reveal! Including advice on mixing shades, choosing fabrics and washing instructions, tie-dye addict Lizzie King shares all the inspiration you need to create a vibrant kaleidoscope of gifts, garments, homewares and accessories. 

Lizzie KingTie & Dye. Colourful clothing, gifts and accessories.
Published in 2017. 112 pages. In english.

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