Top-Down Sweaters | トップダウンのセーター

By Nihon Vogue


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Um excelente livro de tricot dedicado à criação de camisolas e casacos top-down, ou seja, construídas de cima para baixo em malha circular. Os modelos deste livro têm a particularidade de não serem com manga raglan mas sim com aumentos que simulam a construção habitual com frentes, costas e mangas em separado. Inclui 23 modelos em tamanhos XS a M.

N. Seto. NV70263

Editado em 2014. 96 páginas. Em Japonês e Inglês.

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From the publisher: Tojihagi also from "sweater knitting from the neck" of the charms of no sleeves wear, top-down sweater knitting with new ideas have attracted the attention of hand-knitted fan. Though unlike with raglan sleeves without a round yoke, is characterized by can represent a natural shoulder down and armhole line. Incorporating this method, introduces the V-neck sweater (on the beach) proposed by the popular designer Isabel's in 5 size deployed in handmade site overseas. You will learn in an easy-to-understand weave of features and procedures in photos and illustrations. In addition, on the basis of this V sweater, color differences and material sorting, such as in the design arrange round neck or cardigan. Works posted about 23 points a simple knitted base that does not choose a person to wear.

Published in 2014. 96 pages. In japanese and English.

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