By Rosa Pomar

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Fio para tricot e tecelagem produzido artesanalmente em Bucos (Minho), maioritariamente a partir de lã de ovelhas da raça Bordaleira de Entre Douro e Minho. Integralmente processado à mão e fiado em fuso manual.

Apresentação: meada de ±135g (222m).
Torcida: fio singelo.
Composição: 100% lã sem tintura.
Agulhas: 6mm.
Densidade: 16 malhas = 10cm


100% portuguese wool yarn. Hand spun in Minho (Portugal) mostly from the wool of Bordaleira de Entre Douro e Minho sheep. For decades or even centuries, this yarn has been spun using the same methods and tools and used to weave mantas (blankets), both for family use and to be sold at the local market of Saint Michael (a fair which dates back to the medieval period and still takes place every year at the end of September). First it is carefully teased as sheep collect all sorts of vegetable matter in their fleeces while grazing. It is then scoured and washed with soap in rain water, which collects in large outdoors sinks. Women wait for a few days of warm weather so that the water reaches the right temperature. After drying the wool is teased again, and then carded with hand carders. Mescla shade is obtained by carding brown and white wool together. Bucos is spun using a distaff and a long wooden handheld spindle. 

Weight: chunky
Unit weight: ±135g (242yd)
Needle size: 6mm / US 10
Fibers: 100% wool
Texture: single ply

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