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By Rosa Pomar


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MUNGO WILL BE AVAILABLE BY MID JULY. Please click the "email when available" button and you will be notified as soon as the new batch arrives. Thank you for your patience, we guarantee it will be worth the wait :)

Mungo é um fio composto por lã e algodão reciclados. É totalmente produzido a partir de desperdício têxtil pré-consumo proveniente de fábricas portuguesas. A lã usada neste fio é originária de Portugal e/ou Espanha. Produzido em Portugal.

Apresentação: novelo de ±100g (220m).
Textura: 4 ply
Composição: 50% lã e 50% algodão reciclados
Agulhas: 4 a 5mm.
Amostra: 19 malhas x 26 carreiras = 10cm


Mungo is a recycled wool and cotton yarn. It is entirely spun from pre-consumer waste generated by portuguese spinning mills.

The wool used in this yarn is sourced in Portugal and/or Spain. Milled and dyed in Portugal.

Weight: worsted 
Unit weight: 100g
Yardage: 240 yd (220 meters)
Needle size: 4-5mm | USA 6-8
Fibers: 50% recycled wool and 50% recycled cotton
Texture: 4 ply

Note: this yarn is available for wholesale. Please contact us at retrosaria at me dot com.

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